Multicultural Project

For a week, these second graders learned about the African American culture.  We learned about how African American were slaves before the Civil War, how some escaped to freedom in the North, and how much they have contributed to American culture.


This student is showing the camera his quilt square.  We read The Secret to Freedom by Patrica Vaughn.  In the story was about how slaves could escape to freedom in the North by putting out different quilts for other slaves to see. 

 For our quilt, the students created a pattern and explained what it meant to be successful in school.






 I am reminding the students that their pattern needs to be about how they can succeed in school. 






  These students are working very hard at creating thier pattern on the fabric.


This is me after I finished sewing the quilt together.                                 Here is the quilt in the classroom.




These are the proud second graders standing infront of their finsihed Success Quilt!