ok, so this section is all about solving equations by adding or subtracting fractions:

to add or subtract fractions, you need a common denominator:

Example one: 1/4 plus 2/5 in order to do this problem, we need to figure out what the denominators 4 and five can go into

Solution:4 and 5 both go into twenty, so you multiply 1/4 by five to get 5/20 and multiply 2/5 by 4 to get 8/20,this way we can add or subtract them



sometimes variables are involved. when a variable is involved,then you need to isolate the variable by adding or subtracting the fraction on that side by both sides


Example two:h-2 3/4=-3 1/6:

solution: ok,since h is on he left side we add that fraction to both sides, which isolates the variable