November 17-21

  • Good afternoon families!  Let me start with some good news!  Our class had highest attendance for the month of October!  We had a pizza party to celebrate!  Our trip to the Art Museum was fabulous!  The kids had a great time and were very engaged in the guided tour!  I want to thank our guest chaperone, Mr. Castner for coming out.  He was a great help!  We also had a 2nd place winner in the Fishtown Spelling bee in October... Venis Tota!!  Congratulations to her!  We took our 1st benchmark test last Thursday and we will take the Math test on Tuesday. 
  •   Spelling List: 1) dart   2) guard   3) award   4) backyard   5) argue   6) spark   7) target   8) smart   9) charge   10) carpet   11) warp   12) door   13) fort   14) morning   15) stork   16) cord   17) worn   18) stormy  
  •                               19) core   20) bore
  • Vocabulary Words:    1) camouflaged   2) dribbles   3) extraordinary   4) poisonous   5) pounce   6) predator   7) prey   8) vibrations
  • There will not be any Vocab or Spelling words next week, as it is the week of Thanksgiving and it is a short week.  I wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to share with your loved ones!    
  •                                             Math Tutoring begins this Tuesday, Nov. 18