week of Sept. 22, 2014

Good afternoon parents!  Since this will be a short week of only 3 days, I will not be assigning a Spelling list.  We will, however have the following words for Vocabulary:

1)  accountable     2) advise     3) desperately     4) hesitated     5)  humiliated     6)  inspiration     7)  self-esteem     8)  uncomfortably

We will read  the weekly story and have a comprehension test on that story.  Please ask your children for any notes and tests.  They will receive a Spelling test, Comprehension test, and a Math test of Unit 1 on Monday for you to review.  Please sign and return tests that are stamped.  We will begin Math Unit 2, working with many different ways to express numbers.  Please begin to work with your children on learning their mulyiplication tables.  They should already know up to 3 from 3rd grade.  We will start drilling these  tables next week.  Fairy Tale stories are due NO LATER than Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014.  In class, students will be writing friendly letters this week.  Last but not least, the students will be receiving instructions for their  first Social Studies project.  Look for this note this week.  Enjoy your day.  Sincerely, Mrs. Himelfarb