Shiraef's Stars



October 26-30

This is Red Ribbon Week and we will be celebrating being drug free.  

Monday, October 28th - “Are You REaDy to Give Drugs the Boot?

ü Wear as much red as you can!! Shoes, socks, shirts, pants, accessories, etc.  How much red can you wear?


ü Wear your favorite pair of boots...rain boots, cowboy boots, it's up to you.

Tuesday, October 29th   –  “Your Choices Are the Key to Your Dreams”

ü Wear pajamas that are appropriate for school. Please no slippers due to student safety.

Wednesday, October 30th – “You Have the POWER to Make Healthy Choices”                

ü Choose to dress as a super hero.

Thursday, October 31st –“Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs” #twinning

ü Dress like your friends and wear matching outfits.

Friday, November 1st  – “Team Up to Make Your Future Bright”

ü Wear a sport jersey, t-shirt or your team uniform. Girls wearing cheerleader uniforms must wear leggings underneath.

and/or ear your favorite pair of sunglasses.


Below is what we are working on for each subject this week.

Reading: sight words- house, said, no, come, in , let

ELA: narrative writing

Math: counting on from 10, teen numbers (recognition and counting), counting to 100 by tens