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Ms. Gutierrez' Fifth Grade Homework and Information

Welcome! It's hard to believe school has started already! I am looking forward to getting to know all my students.

This site will include homework, important information, and some helpful links. Additionally, for the first couple of weeks I will have a summary of the Beginning of the Year Newsletter.

Fifth grade is considered the transition grade for middle school. It is fast paced, so organization  and committment is essential for success. The first couple of weeks we will mainly be focused on learning to be organized, notetaking, studying strategies, and learning classroom procedures and expectations. Moreover, we will be briefly reviewing some of last year's topics just to get our brains jump started. Also, we will be taking assessments tests in math and reading to allow me to fully understand each individuals student's needs. Below is a bulleted brief summary of imporant information from Beginning of the Year Newsletter followed by homework and future assignments.


  • There will be homework every day. However, there will always be class time to complete most if not all of the assignments. However, even if completed in class, homework will be sent home to be checked. I do not collect assignments early.
  • Binded folders, spiral, and assignment notebook will go home everyday to be initialed by a parent/guardian as proof of you seeing the completed homework.
  • If your child is absent, you must call for homework to be sent home.