Awards, Affiliations, Presentations


Dissertation Research Award, 2003.

Elmer J. Clarke Doctoral Scholar, 2003.

IBM Canada Team Success Award, 1996


American Psychological Association

Society of Researchers in Child Development

Mid-Western Educational Researchers Association

Hierarchical Linear Model Learning and Research Community 



Kelly, S. M. (August 2010). Rethinking Socioeconomic and Political Institutions in Botswana in light of HIV, the “Green Movement” and Globalization. Paper presented at the 5th International Conference of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences held at the University of Cambridge.  

Kelly, S. M. (October 2010). Understanding Achievement in Math and Reading Achievement in the ECLS-K. Paper presented at MWERA Conference, Columbus, Ohio.  

Kelly, S. M. (July 2010). Does the Initial Mapping of the Phonetic Alphabet on Established Schemata in Pre-operational Children Increase Literacy Fluency and Reduce the NAEP Grade 4 Literacy Failure Rates? Paper presented at the University of Oxford Roundtable Session on Early Learning Psychology, Oxford, England.  

Kelly, S. M. (March 2009). Can a curriculum based on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Experiential Learning support Botswana’s sustainable development initiatives and curtail the negative impact of HIV and Traditional Development on the education of its children?  Paper presented at the 10th annual conference for the Institute of the African Child-Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Kelly, S. M. (April 2004). Understanding Achievement in Math and Reading Through Motivational and Contextual Variables. Paper presented at AERA-Division C Graduate Student Seminar, San Diego, California.

Kelly, S. M. (April 2001). The influences of Teacher Leadership Style on Student Affective Motivation. Poster presented at Southern Illinois University Department of Women Studies Annual Research Symposium

Kelly, S. M. (March 1998). Refugees and Immigrants in the Ontario School System: Panel Discussion at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Pre-Service Teacher Education Program, Toronto.