How to make shisha at home?

The craze of shisha among youngsters is at the peak. The club and lounges have been more over-crowded and serving shisha. The smell of the flavor and smoke makes shisha more enjoyable with friends and family. The pandemic has put a halt on going out activities that have led to doing things on your own.

The shisha can be made at home without going through any hassle. Buy online flavor, coal, hookah, and hookah water pipe at a great price. We are listing here some quick steps for making shisha at home.

Step 1: Place hookah stem into the glass vase. Before placing fill the water or any liquid substance as per choice can be added. Make sure to close it airtight.

Step 2: Put the metal tray at the hookah stem. There is various type of hookah that varies in shape and size put the tray and make it fit properly.




Step 3: Then put the hose end in the gasket into the port of the stem.

Step 4: Put the hookah flavor, or shisha tobacco into the clay bowl. Mix it properly to have the proper essence of flavor. Cover the bowl and make small pin size holes that allow the air to pass through.

Step 5: start using the hookah pipe and enjoy the hookah at home