Supply List

Welcome to 5th Grade! In each classroom we use work tables instead of desks. Students store their supplies in a clear plastic bin provided by the teacher. Below you will find our general supply list for the year including specific items that are important to classroom and materials management. The list below is voluntary and Ridgewood Elementary School will make provisions for any student who cannot afford the listed supplies. Please come prepared the first day of school with ALL your items labeled as they are your personal property. See you in the fall!
 2 or 4 GB Flash Drive on a lanyard (please mark with student name)
 24 Pencils #2 Ticonderoga (a combination of regular and mechanical is fine)
 1 WHITE Eraser
 Scissors with name on them please
 Ball-Point Pens  
      o 2 red (for correcting)
      o 2 black or blue
 Black Sharpies – 1 regular point and 1 fine point
 Highlighter Pens – 1 each: pink, yellow and green
 Colored Pencils
 Fine tip colored markers
 12” Ruler scaled in inches and centimeters
 Glue Sticks
 Post It 3” x 3” notes (any color)
 5 Spiral Notebooks (5 different colors)
 3 ring Homework Binder 1” - 1 ½” POLY (flexible) no zippers!
 2-Pocket Folders POLY (5 folders of different colors) – PLEASE no          paper type folders
 2 Black Dry Erase Markers and Dry Eraser
 1 bottle of Elmer’s white glue
 Personal Head Phones or Ear Buds (optional)