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Five writing tricks to write good news



Good writing does not only mean not to make spelling or grammatical mistakes. You also have to know how to write better, that is, be precise and concrete, not mix ideas, create a logical structure that facilitates reading, etc. When writing for Daily News Magazine, it is necessary to be clear about the essentials of the news, what are the essential facts that cannot be missed. It is convenient to prepare a script of the story that you are going to tell. Both in the writing process and in the subsequent review of the written text it is necessary to consider 5 basic tricks to ensure that the information is easily read and understood.


  1. You don't write how you speak: It seems obvious, but it is essential to keep it in mind. The construction of spoken and written language is different when you write for Healthcare News Today. Even if a natural style is pursued, the information must follow a certain structure. Make sure that each sentence is well constructed: it has subject, predicate and the necessary complements. Try writing short sentences and alternate them with a slightly longer one.
  2. Detect the important and include the essential: Every information has to be unitary, that is, it has to compose a whole with meaning. And for this it is necessary to detect the most important of the facts that you are going to narrate and include in the text the essential elements for a total understanding of the story. The information can not miss anything, whether they have 20 paragraphs or if they are a short of two. In both cases, it is necessary to include the fundamental aspects, the basic facts to transmit to the reader, listener or viewer a complete idea of what has happened.
  3. Focus attention from the first paragraph: The entrails, the starter or the lead has to function as a movie trailer: to present a person in the face of a conflict, or a group of people in the face of a mystery. The first paragraph is the hook of the news. The first lines for the Top Business News Today should expose the core of the information and collect the essence of the headline. From there, history walks alone.
  4. Take care of the details and eliminate muffins: In any text you have to take care of the details. It includes unique elements that differentiate your information from others on the same subject that other media may publish. Don't repeat words, denote vocabulary poverty. Use a vocabulary to find options. And remove the muffins. Almost everyone has a prop that you always repeat. Look it up in your texts and delete it.
  5. Paragraph to paragraph: Ideas must be developed in an orderly and progressive manner. Each paragraph constitutes a unit and its connection can provide as a guide to make a nice, orderly, coherent and meaningful text. It is convenient to group everything related to the same idea in the same paragraph or in consecutive paragraphs. This way you will avoid jumping from one subject to another in a disorderly way and confuse the reader.