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  Some Very Cool Links!Spanish Verbs: Synonyms or Antonyms HangmanFree Rice in Spanish : VocabularyGames: Amazing list of games for grammar and vocabGrammar: Grammar Notes


Grammar: Lots of concepts here Enlaces Divertidos

AP Spanish AP Ch. 11 Activities Pero, sino, sino que  Pero, sino, sino que 2 Pero, sino, sino que 3    IR    LR   SP  KK ALLSubjunctive Review with ActivitiesPresent Perfect Indicative vs. SubjunctivePresent Perfect Indivative / Subjunctive 2Tener Expressions List If clauses, real and unreal - explanationSi clauses practicePersonal A ExplanationPersonal A Practice and ExplanationOrdinal NumbersPunctuation ExplanationsCapitalizationChallenging Tense ActivityChallenging Tense Activity 2Subjunctive, Indicative, Infinitive: All Tenses¿Cómo fue / estuvo / era la fiesta? Explanation of Uses (Netscape Navigator 4.0 or above needed) 


General Grammar

Tons of Subj v Indic

Spanish II:
Your Book's Site
conjuguemos :  Pass: shrshr
Practice Vocabulary Here
Informal Commands:
Irregular Informal Commands: Practice with ten, ven, pon, sal, se, di, haz, ve
More Informal Commands: Practice
Informal Commands: Also challenging, but a complete test of your knowledge :-)
Informal Commands: A challenging practice activity
Reflexive Verbs: Practice with reflexive verbs with JAVA only
Reflexive Verbs: Hangman with JAVA and reflexive verbs
Reflexive Verbs: Practice with ROPs and conjugations
Preterit: -ar verbs
Preterit: ER/IR verbs
Preterit: More practice with regular verbs
Preterit Practice: Games to practice the preterit tense
Preterit Practice:  More practice with the preterit tense

Preterit imperfect game
Preterit/ Imperfect another game
Preterit/ Imperfect on Quia
Preterit/ Imperfect: Lots of activities and explanations
Preterit/ Imperfect  LOTS OF STUFF
Preterit/ Imperfect: Quiz with feedback on incorrect answers
Preterit/ Imperfect: Self Quiz
Preterit/ Imperfect:  Type in correct forms - Self Quiz
Preterit/ Imperfect: Another Self Quiz
Preterit/ Imperfect: Self Quiz #5
Preterit/ Imperfect: Mostly practice with the formation of each
Preterit/ Imperfect: Goldilocks Activity
Preterit / Imperfect: Explanation of formation and uses of each
Pret/ Impf: Tough but good activity.
Comparatives and Superlatives: Practice site
Comparatives: More practice with comparatives
Tan/Tanto: Comparatives of equality
? Words: Practice completing questions with interrogatives
? Words 2: More practice with interrogatives
]Imperfect: Practice choosing the correct imperfect form to match the pronoun
Imperfect: Good practice typing the forms of imperfect.
Preterit: Practice with the preterit tense.  Includes irregular 

Future: Practice with regular verbs.  Querer and Hacer are irregular
Future: Practice one form at a time.  It's a little easier this way.  Click at bottom of page.
Future: A story with pics to challenge you
Future:  Irregular verb practice.  Like conjuguemos.
Future: Complete the sentences.  Moderate difficulty
Future: Practice with verb endings.
Grammar: Lots of options

 Spanish III: 

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

Chapter 7

Your Book’s Site

Assorted Vocabulary Activities

Chapter 2

Chapter 5

Your Book’s Site

Assorted Vocabulary Activities

How to Form the Subjunctive

Practice Forming the Subjunctive

Subjunctive Forms Self Quiz

Harder Subjunctive Forms

More Subjunctive Forms

Chapter 8

Your Book’s Site

Assorted Vocabulary Activities

 Chapter 3

Chapter 6

Your Book’s Site

Assorted Vocabulary Activities

6.1 Vocabulary

6.1 Vocabulary Game

6.2 Vocabulary

Impersonal Expressions Explanation

Practice with Impersonal Expressions

Subjunctive or Indicative Activity

Subjunctive or Indicative Activity2

Subjunctive or Indicative Activity3

Subjunctive or Indicative Activity4

Subjunctive or Indicative Activity5

Nosotros Commands ExplanationNosotros Commands1Nosotros Commands2

Nosotros Commands3

Frida Kahlo

The Subjunctive with Recommendations Explanation

 Other Helpful Sites

Conjugation Chart: See the forms of any verbs.

Conditional: Practice conjugating
Conditional: Easy practice translating
Conditional: Fill in the correct conditional form
Conditional: Print study chart of irregulars
Conditional: Practice with forms
Future tense
Future Tense 2
Informal Commands
Present Perfect1: Practice page
Present Perfect2:
Present Perfect:        
Grammar Review: Choose the activity                 
Review Here
Present Perfect: Simple explanations
Present Perfect3: Another practice activity
Present Perfect: Explanation which includes
Formal Commands: Cut and dry...Good practice though.
Formal Commands: Practice formal commands with reflexive verbs.
Imperfect Subjunctive: Practice with forms] Informal Commands2: Create commands with object pronouns.  

[ ]Personality Quiz:  Just for fun!

        [ ]Subjunctive: Present
subjunctive with impersonal expression
        [ ]TRY ME: Subjunctive vs
indicative and preterit vs imperfect.  Great activities, but you have to
write the answers.
        [ ]Verbs: Practice with
many tenses.
        [ ]Grammar Guide: For
last minute self-teaching

[ ]Imperfect
Subjunctive: Practice activity, self correcting
[ ]Imperfect
Subjunctive: Practice with the forms of the impf subjunctive
[ ]Imperfect
Subjunctive: Practice using the imp subj with the conditional
[ ]Si
Clauses: Imperfect subjunctive and conditional practice
[ ]Imperfect Subjunctive:
There are tons of options at the bottom of this page.  Try them all!

Spanish 4:
Chat here: [ ]  Please use all common sense
precautions while chatting here.  Never give out personal information!
Conjugation Chart: See the forms of any verbs.

Test your Spanish:    
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