Teachers' Module - Mr. Jaspher D. Tapiz


        Philippine  Politics and Governance

               Mr. Jaspher D. Tapiz     


Grade: 11                                                                                                                        Semester: First Semester

Subject Title: Phil. Politics and Governance                                                                  No. of Hours/ Semester: 80 hours/ sem


Subject Description:

This course introduces the students to the basic concepts and vital elements of politics and governance from a historical-institutional perspective. In particular, it attempts to explain how the important features of our country’s political structures/institutions, processes, and relationships developed across time. In the process, the course helps the learners gain a better appreciation of their rights and responsibilities as individuals and as members of the larger sociopolitical community to strengthen their civic competence.


                                                                                           First Quarter

                               Module 1        Fundamental Concepts of Politics and Governance

                               Module 2        Introduction to Political Ideologies

                               Module 3        Major Political Ideologies

                               Module 4        Nature, Types and Consequences of Power

                               Module 5        States, Nations and Globalization

                               Module 6        Evolution of Philippine Politics and Governance I

                               Module 7        Evolution of Philippine Politics and Governance II

                               Module 8        The Executive Branch of Government


   SECOND Quarter

                               Module 1        The Legislative Branch of Government

                               Module 2        The Judicial Branch of Government

                               Module 3        The Local Government Unit

                               Module 4        Political Parties and the Right of Suffrage

                               Module 5        Civil Societies and Social Movements

                               Module 6        The Importance of Active Citizenship

                              Module 7        Political Engagement and Youth Empowerment