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Staff and Teacher of the Months and Year

September 2008
Staff: Mike Dorry, Custodian
Teacher: Rebecca Steinke, Science
October 2008
Staff: Shelli Feakin, Athletic Secretary
Teacher: David Harley, Science
November 2008
Staff: Jami Schmid, Attendance Secretary
Teacher: Scott Deckelmann, Social Studies
January 2009
Staff: Duane Feakin, Campus Security
Teacher: Robert Medley, Physical Education
February 2009
Staff: Nicki Pierce, Counselor
Teacher: Amy McNeil, Physical Education
March 2009
Staff: Eric Clendenin, Vice-Principal
Teacher: Julia Edge, English
April 2009
Staff: Marjie Lordos, Student Accounts Secretary
Teacher: Molly Lampros, English
May 2009
Staff: Ruth Kosto, Head Secretary
Teacher: Joe Nowlin, Physical Education
Outstanding Staff and Teacher of the 2008-2009 Year
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