Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies:
Parent Communication:

  • To communicate with me, please use your child's agenda, or contact me via email or phone.
    (813) 661-4200 ext. 2 0
  • You can expect a weekly update email, explaining what we're doing in class that week. There is no need to respond to this email. However, please make an effort to sign your child's agenda each night to hold the students accountable for homework assignments, behavioral issues, etc. 

Class Participation/Absences:

  • All students are expected to take an active part in the learning environment of the classroom.  This means coming to class on time and being prepared to learn.
  • If a student will be absent from school for two or more days, the parent or guardian is encouraged to notify the school so that assignments may be collected and sent to the student.   
  • Credit for make-up work is permitted for all absences except suspensions.  When absences are anticipated, such as family trips, the student/parent is to contact his/her teacher(s) so that the student may make arrangements to complete work that will be missed.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform the teacher that he/she will be absent and to request any and all make-up work.
  • Once the student has returned to class, all make-up and alternative assignments must be completed within the number of school days equal to or less than the number of school days the student has been absent.