The Mockingjay is about Katniss Everdeen. She has been through it all. She had her father die. Slowly starve to death as her mother just watched by. Get chosen to go into the Hunger Games. Pretend to be in love with someone she barely knew, named Peeta Mellark to survive the Hunger Games. Have the president threaten her friend & family. Get chosen to go back in the Hunger Games, Quarter Quell, for all past victors. Get rescued from the rebellion. Realize Peeta has been taken by the Capitol being tortured for rebel informtion he doesn't have. Find out District 13 really does exist. And that she is the Mockingjay. That while she lives so does the revoloution.

It's rebels vs. Capitol. Presient Coin (leader of rebels, presedent of District 13) against President Snow (leader of Capitol, president of all of Panem).When the rebels attack the Capitol they get to know it's laced with all kinds of threats. Surrounding the Capitol are hidden pods. If you step on one it can do anything from blowing a bomb to releasing muttations or mutts for short. But don't think the Capiyol has the upper hand because before the Capitol blew up District 13 they did nuclear development. Who will win in this dangerous battle where anything can happen? If the rebels win President Snow will be executed, as will others from the Capitol. If the Capitol wins....expect a very interesting Hunger Games.