Ninth Grade Academy Silver Team McGavock High School

Welcome parents and students to the Ninth Grade Academy’s Silver Team! We have a big year ahead of us with a lot of work to accomplish.  Freshmen year brings with it a major change in the lives of our students and their families. As we, parents, students, teachers, and administration, work together this transition will be a success. This transition also brings an increase of rigor and academic expectations. Communication is crucial to student success in the classroom.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the team members if you have any questions or concerns.


To work together to guide and facilitate students as they transition into high school by developing nurturing and meaningful relationships with the purpose of holding students to high standards while preparing them for future success.


  • 1 Three Inch Binder (must be three inches to accommodate materials for all core classes)
  • 7 Tab Dividers
  • Pens (blue or black ink only, no fluorescent or neon)
  • #2 Pencils
  • Loose-leaf Paper

*Additional materials may be required by individual teachers.

Team Members:

  • Stephen Berry - Physical Science
  • Paul Childress - Freshman Seminar
  • Robert Gecewich - World Geography
  • Nikki Licht - Spanish 
  • Amy Skinner - English I
  • Michele Taylor - Algebra I
  • Julia Crowe - Exceptional Education

Additional Resources: