5th Grade - Chocachatti Elementary - Mr. Simmons


George Washington's Socks: Spelling and Vocabulary Words for Chapters 7-15

1. brusque - abrupt and short in speech, often to the point of rudeness

2. conferring - consulting with others; holding a meeting or conference

3. emphatically - to say something with strong emphasis

4. enticing - attracting by arousing hope or desire

5. haggard - having a worn and tired look

6. mercenaries - soldiers hired to fight for a country other than their own

7. perplexed - unsure of what to do; filled with doubt; confused or puzzled

8. plundering - robbing openly and by force

9. regiment - a military unit of two or more battalions commanded by a colonel

10. savoring - enjoying with appreciation; tasting; relishing

11. sobering - causing one to feel serious

12. stern - the rear part of a ship

13. tarry - to take your time or go slowly

14. weathered - changed because of being exposed to weather