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Mrs. Simoes- 4th/5th Grade Special Education Teacher

Student/Parent Communication Homepage

The purpose of this website is to provide students and parents with a fun and easy way to stay informed about what is taking place in the classroom.

On these pages you will find helpful study tips, notices about upcoming events within the school, quizzes and games based on the curriculum, nightly homework assignments, long term assignments, dates for upcoming test, and much more helpful information.

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7 Super Things Parents & Caregivers Can Do
(courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education and Health & Human Services)
  • Talk often with your children from the day they are born.
  • Hug them, hold them, and respond to their needs and interests.
  • Listen carefully as your children communicate with you.
  • Read aloud to your children every day, regarless of how old they are.
  • Say "yes" and "I love you" as much as you say "no" and "I don't."
  • Ensure a safe, orderly, and predictable enviornment, wherever they are.
  • Set limits on their behavior and discipline them calmly, not harshly.

Helpful Homework Websites

Math Investigations

Our Mathmatics program is based on learning activities that encourage students to think creatively, develop problem solving stategeis and work cooperatively.  Students write and talk about math often using manipulators and calculators to support their acquisition of mathematical knowledge, skills and confidence to become active mathematical learners...

Check out it has a lot of at home activities for students!

10 Fun Spelling Practice Ideas for Home

  • 3-D Words- Use Play Dough or clay to sculpt your spelling words
  • Back Writing-Use your finger to spell out each of your spelling words, one letter at a time, on your mom or dad's back.  then it's your turn to feel and spell.
  • Etch a Word-Use an Etch-A-Sketch to write your spelling words.  Read the words to a parent or sibling.
  • Flash Writing- In a darkend room; use a flashlight to write your spelling words in the air.  Have a partner read your words as you write them or a parent can "flash write" your words and your job is to read the words.
  • Good, Clean Words- Find a countertop or flat surface that can be cleaned easily.  Spray a small amoutn of shaving cream and spread it out.  Write your spelling words in the shaving cream and be sure to clean up afterwards!
  • Hopscotch Words- Make a hopscotch board on the sidewalf or driveway with chalk.  Write letters instead of numbers.  You get to Hop your words!
  • Newsy Words- Use old magazines, catalogs, or newpapers to cut out letters.  Glue the letter down on a piece of pater to spell your words.  *Helpfuls Hint:  Cut out lots of extra letters.  Store them in a bag for future use.  This is a huge timesaver.
  • Pasta Words- Arrange alphabet pasta or Alphbits cereal to for your spelling words.  Glue onto a piece of paper.
  • Spelling Baseball- Draw four bases on a piece of paper or lay out four pillows to be the bases.  The pitcher selects a word.  If the batter can spell the word correctly, he moves forward one base.  If the batter cannot spell the word, he remains where he is.  A point is earned every time you pass home plate.  This is a great game to play with a friend, sibling, or parent.
  • Toss a Word- Toss (or roll) a ball back and forth with a partner.  You say the 1st letter, and then toss and your partner says 2nd letter, and so forth.