Class Rules

All human beings must have rules. Children inside of a classroom are no exception. As a matter of fact, they need rules more than adults!

Rules help us know where the limits are so that we can avoid crossing them. Rules also help create a sense of security in individuals, families and society. For example, how many of us would be willing to travel on a city street without rules to govern who is allowed to drive and how those drivers behave on the road? 


There are only 5 rules for our classroom. They should be easy to remember Insha'Allah. They are:

  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  2. Do not use hurtful/bad language.
  3. Wait for permission to speak.
  4. Wait for permission to leave your seat.
  5. Follow directions the first time they are given.

These rules exist to keep every child safe in the classroom. You the parent, send your child to school every day with the expectation that your child is getting a quality education in a safe enviornment. Students cannot learn when there is chaos in the classroom. They cannot learn when they are being bullied. They cannot learn when other students are wandering around the room distracting them. And students find it difficult to concentrate in a noisy environment. Students are not getting a quality education when there is no disciple in the classroom. 


Hopefully, all students will behave themselves. In case they don't, there are consequences to breaking a class rule.

Name of board. Warning.
 One check next to name, loose half the play break.
 Two checks next to name, loose all of the play break.
 Three checks next to name, loose half of the play break the next day. Self Discipline Plan goes home.
 Four checks next to name, loose all of the play break the next day. Self Discipline Plan goes home.
 Sent immediately to the Office. Self Discipline plan. Parents contacted.
** Names and checks erased each Thursday afternoon.


I don't want to focus too much attention on the consequences because I have hope that students will behave. So, there is also a rewards system for proper adab in the classroom.

  • Table Points
  • High-Five notes (weekly report)
  • Class free time
  • High-Fivers Club --  newsletter/web
  • Give "Shout Out" -- newsletter/web
  • Game Day or other activity
  • Citizenship Award