Vocabulary Words for This Week 10/29

jagged, mature, assured, nursery, horizon, squealed

Spelling Words for This Week 10/29

ruler, avenue, racoon, commute, continue, gloomy, unit, whose (I will add 5 new words each day Insha'Allah).

A Note About Homework

Homework is an essential part of a student's education.

It reinforces skills taught in class. It also teaches responsibility, and prepares students for the future.

Homework is usually assigned Monday thru Thursday nights. It should take no more than 40 minutes, depending on each individual student.

Reading each night for 20 minutes is a daily homework assignment.

Students should also be spending 10 minutes per day reading their notes.

Students are responsible for writing down assignments in the planner. I will also post homework assignments on the class website.

It is essential for parents to check their child's assignments and the assignment planner each day.

I appreciate your support!

















Thursday 30 October

  • Study your geography. You have a test scheduled for Monday!



Tuesday 28 October

  • Spelling Words  

tiger     crow    tomato    pine

drive     oak     stove        overhead

reply     iron     below       chose

roll       alike     groan        hollow

note     aupply   title        file

 October 08

  • Read for 20 minutes