*Science Websites for Kids*


These websites will help you study and understand what we are learning about in 5th grade Science.  You can use them to review if you’re not quite sure you understand what we are studying.  You can also use them to practice so the information stays in your head.  You can also use them to explore to learn more if you want to go farther than we did in class.  Whatever you do, just enjoy and learn! 

There are 4 different types of sites:


T-tutorial (this will help you learn and review)



The letter is in parenthesis at the end of the address



Earth and Space         


  Characteristics of the Earth       

 Sun/Moon/Earth movement  (T) (T) (G) 

 Day and Night  (T,I) 

Comparing night and day on a globe and map (I)  

Seasons  (T) 

What causes seasons? (T) (I) 

Seasons simulator (I) 

Summer and winter-change the tilt and see what happens (I)

Season's Greetings Interactive


Informational Websites for projects

         Amazing Space (T)

         NASA (T) 

         National Geographic- (I) 

Be a martian-must sign up 

Build a Solar system and see what happens-be careful not to crash your planets into each other! 

Alien Earth (I)

 *Astro Adventure (good review) (G)

 Build a Solar System (I)

 Build a Solar System (I) 

Build a space station- Simulation game (G)

 Build your own space mission (G) 

Buzz Lightyear to Infinity and Beyond (G)

 Calculate your age on another plane t (I) 

Calculate your weight on other planets (I) 

Compare the Masses of planets (I)


Compare the size of planets (I)

Design a Planet     (I)

 Design a Satellite (G)  

Discover Planet X  (I) 

Explore the Solar System 

Good information on weird stuff:Alien Safari (Interactive tutorial) 

Eyes on the Solar System 

Good review for planets

Go to the head of the solar system (G)   

Lunar Lander (another one)  (I)

Moonbase Alpha      (Must be downloaded)


 NASA- (T) 

NASA Kids Club- (G)

Order It Up!  (hard) (G) 

Planet Hop (good review for order of planets) (G) 

Planet Jigsaw puzzles (G)

Planet Orbit 

Planet Sudoku (hard game) (G)

  Planets of the Solar System  (G)

Cut and Paste this address into your address bar: 

Planet 10 (G)

 Planetary Rescue Squad

Sizes of Planets (for projects) (I)

 Solar Symphony Game

Space Sounds- 

 Space Sense (G)

Space Games (G) 

Space Quiz 

Spy sky safari-explore the galaxy (I)

 Secret Worlds: The Universe Within- (I)

 Solar System Symphony-really hard game I couldn’t do (G) 

Tour of the solar system   (I) 

Tour of the Solar System cartoon/interactive (I)

 Space Walking (needs to be downloaded)  (I)

Virtual Journey to the Universe (T, I) (so many things to do here)

Black Holes (I)

 Black hole video (V)

Black Hole Rescue  (G)

Black Holes Information  (T)

Black Holes Game   (G)

 Zooniverse-pretty cool site, you can help map the surface of the Moon.  You have to sign up but it’s free! (I)


Cool Pictures

Soil and Rocks

Layers of the Earth  (I) 

Soil Safari

Weathering and Earth’s processes

Review game-look over the questions first then play the game,  It’s a good way to review

.http://reviewgamezone .com/game.php?id=261(G) 

Virtual lab on water erosion-a science lab you can do at home and online (I) 

Shape it up! (G)

Volcano Explorerer-Build your own volcano

 Earth’s Resources & Conservation 

Rock Around the World 

Power Up!- (G) 

Hungry Mice (renewable/nonrenewable resources) (G) 

Watt’s That Jr. (Jeopardy type game)- (G)

 Recycle Roundup (G) 

Wonderville-Energy Street (G) 

 Kinetic City   (I)
Resource ID (I)


 Ed Heads weather (I)

Wild weather game  (G)

Clouds slider puzzle r (G)

Clouds (T)

Water cycle interactive (I)

Water cycle (I)

Make a snowflake (I)

Play with lightning (I)

Control a tornado  (I)

Make a rainbow / (I)

Physical Science

Physical/chemical changes (T)

 States of Matte r (T) (T) 

Changing States (I)

Potential and Kinetic Energy 

Coaster Creator-You will need to register but it’s free. (I) 

All about forces  (T)

Coaster Creator


 Nanobots-positive and negative charges (G)

 Learning module (T)

 Crickweb-go to magnets and springs (I) 


Cut and paste this site into the address bar Variations Interactive (I) 

Gravity Launch (I)  (G)

Car Ramp Track

Moon Olympics (I)

Parachute Man (I)

Orbiter (G)

Friction (I) (T)

 Speed, Eggs and Slam (I) 

 Freddy’s Friction test track-you have to choose test track (I)

Forces and Motion (T)

Sports Science-lots of good information  (I, T)

 Hit a baseball

 Roller coasters (I) (I) (I)  (I) 

Motion and Forces Simulations (very cool) (I)

 Forces in Action (T) 

Projectile motion (I)

 Galileo Drops the Ball  (I) 

Archery Practice  (I)

 Energy Skateboard Park (I)

 Parkwood Plot (good review)  (T)

 Parachute Drop  (I)

 Move it or Luge it (I)

 Crash Scene Investigation  (G)

Robot factory (G)

Thermal Energy 

Keeping Warm (T)

 Launchball-energy (difficult) heating ice (G) 

Heat-click on conduction (I) 

Bill Nye video (V) 

Changing matter

Electrical Energy 

Good interactive quiz with printable answers-sounds boring but good practice (I)

 Blobz guide  (I)

 Electrical Circuits (T) 

Conductors/Insulators-good intro lesson/animation (T) 

Circuit Construction (I) 

Conductors/Insulators (T)

 Silicon Spies (good review ) (T) 

Launchball-Switching on (G) 

Electricity in our lives (T) 

Building circuits (T) 

Circuit experiments (T) (T)

 Shockwave Gallery 

 Nanobots (G)


Very good tutorial for electricity/magnetism (T) 

Understanding electricity-you have to register and sign in but it’s worth it 

Electrobot (I) 

Electrical Circuits (I)

Electromagnets  (I)


Energy Transformations 

Transform it-you have to register and sign in but it’s worth it

Sound  (T) (I)

 Ocean Odyssey (good review) (T)

 Thumb Piano Music (I) 

String Thing (I) 

Wonderville-How we hear (T) 

Audio Pong (Click on How to Play and What’s going on first) (G)

 Make a note (G)

 Pitch (T)


 Alien attack (good review) (T)

 Mystery shapes (G)

 Black Box (reflection) it is the first game in the squares, then do Light and Colour (G) 

Reflection (T) (T) Shadows (T) 

Reflecting Light  (I)

Launchball (G) 

 How we see things (easy) (T) 

Opaque, transparent, translucen

t (I) 

Reflection (T) 

Refraction interactive (I) 

Science of light (I) 

How light travels video (V)

Life Science

Life Cycles

 life cycles of plants and animals-challenge (I) 

Life cycle of plants (T)


 Great Plant Escape (G)

 *Plant Growth simulation (I) 

Pollination park (T)


Photosynthesis animatio (T)

 Plant parts/germination animation (T)

Helping plants grow   (I)

Structures and Functions    

Natural Selection (I)  (I)

 Cheetah parts (I)

 Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection (I)

 San Diego Zoo-Animal bytes

Arkive-animal information 

 National Geographic 

Build Yourself Wild (I)

 Food Chains/Webs (T) 

Chain Reaction (I)

 Webs of Life (G)

 Create a Food Web (I)

 Food Puzzle Chain (T) 

Fun with food webs (T)

 Matching Food Web (I)

 Food Chain (I)

 Food Web game (I)

 Build a food web (I)

Food Chains (T)

 Food Webs (T) 

Feeding Relationships (T)

 Food web video from science channel (V)      


 Ecosystem video from Ecogeeks (V)

 Build a prairie  (I)

 Make a reef movie (I)

 Make a movie  (I)

 Swimming with a blue whale-very cool (I) 

Movie and quiz on biomes (I)

 Habitats game  (G) Good interactive for biomes  (I)

 Biomes of the World (T)

 Biomes tutorial-Harcourt (T) 

Draw that habitat    (I)

 Animal Behavior/Adaptations

 Mission Adaptation  (I) 

Animal adaptation matching game (G)

 Interdependence and adaptation (T)

 Spot the Hare (G) 

*Build a Fish (I) 

Camouflage (I)

 Animal adaptation (I)

 What a Mouthful! (click on Vancouver aquarium) (I)

 Switcherroo Zoo (I) 

Righteous Reptiles (V) 

Frozen frogs video (V)

 Python eating a water balloon in slow motion (V)

 Penguin Paso Doble (V) 

Flamingo Dance (V)

 Spinners Hunter (V)

Frogs: The Thin Green Line (V) 

Flying snake (V) 

Hummingbirds (V)  

 Changes in Ecosystems   

 Giraffe Riff Raff video (V) 

Loneliest animals (V) 

Cheetah orphans (Toki’s Challenge) (G) 

Sunny Meadows (I)

 Endangered animals (V)

 Endangered ecosystems (I) 

Biodiversity in the rainforest (I) 

Wolf Quest (needs to be downloaded) 

Virtual Aquarium (I)

Predator/Prey relationships

 Predator and Prey-difficult (I) (I)

Lifeboat to Mars

Design Websites 

Car Design (V)

 Design a catapult (I) 

Build and fly an airplane (G) 

Design challenge-Build a fidget (I)

 Build a Bridge (I)

 Demolition city 

Other cool sites 

Brain Teasers (G) 

City Creators (I)

 Stop the Disaster Simulation (G) 

 Car Comparison

 Extreme Try Science Challenge (G) 

Blasto the Cannonball  (I) 

Cracker-logic-test your spy skills  (G)

 Grain strain (G)

  Launchball (G) 

Wonderville-so many cool games (G)

  Dragonfly games  (G) 

 Forces of flight  (I)

 Controlled flight

 The Science-o-nator (G) 

Break it down (G)

 Amazing robots (G) 

Rocket Science 101 (I)

 Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic (I) 

 Nature Interactives (I) 

Tinkerball (I)

 Alien life interactive (I) 

 Whizball (G)

 Planet Earth Interactive Game  (I)

 Science Channel Interactives and a whole bunch of other stuff  (I)

Physics games (G)

  Lunar Lander  (G)

Alien Plants  (I)

On Mt. Everest Can you find your way?   (I) 

CSI: The Web Adventures (I)

CSI: Tugboat Thugs  

Game Design-learn how to design games and create a computer game yourself! 

Virtual Experiments  (I)

Electrocity  (G)

Slush Rush  (G)

Wallace and Gromit's virtual Lab   (I)

Blasto (G)

 Other stuff 


 Masher (moviemaker) 

Ad Lib stories

 Read the Words  

Make your own Superhero comic book

Make your own comic strip

 Wimp Yourself - Make yourself look like a character from Diary of a Wimpy Kid 

Make a pattern


Fanstastic contraption

Gut Instinct

Design a cell phone



Goldburger to go

Fantastic contraption