Your Science Project

Your Own Science Project

What haven't we studied in Science this year that you would like to learn about?

This is your chance.  Could it be-what exactly are black holes?  Or maybe-what does Isaac Newton have to do with how far I can hit a baseball?  What about all these tornadoes that have been happening this Spring?  How are they formed and just how strong can they get?  Perhaps there's an animal that you find facinating an you'd like to learn more about it.  Or maybe there's something else.

You will start by going to a glog I have created for these projects. Next, you will research your topic and fill out the  main idea sheet.  After you fill out that sheet, bring it to me so I can ok it and we will figure out exactly what your project is going to be and what you are going to do for your presentation.  Next, you will narrow down your topic and fill out the Project Planning Sheet.

Remember-this is your project.  You will pick your topic, find the websites to research it, and decide what kind of presentation you will do.

Good luck and have fun!


Forces and motion:


Black Holes:


Do Whatever: