Grade 2

Mouse Skills

Caillou Memory Game


Nature Trail

Bees and Honey

Jigsaw Puzzle

Mouse Games

Make a Keyboard



Up Beat

Dance Mat Typing


Problem Solving and Puzzles

Building Inukshuks

Build a tower of stones to match the ice inukshuk. Try all three levels!

Make This Picture

Copy the shape pattern. Figure out how to combine colors to make new ones.


Math Practice

Tickets, Please

Number Bridges

Addition Tug of War



Language Arts

Story Starters - Write a story using writing prompts




Journey on the Mayflower

The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Pilgrims

Thanksgiving Word Search

Turkey Drop

Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles

Over the River Thanksgiving Maze

Thanksgiving Fun Games



DINOMIGHT - Dinosaur Games and Activities

Seasons - Activities and Games

Animals - Games and Activities

Social Studies

About Face - Choose one of Arthur's friends. Then hear their story and decide how they feel.

All About Me - Make a cartoon copy of yourself then play games starring you.

Circle of Respect - Play a game that will help learn how to respect others.

Make a Face - Make sad, happy, angry and surprised faces.

Problem Solving - Choose the best advice for some real-life problems.

Rules All Around - Can you tell the difference between a good rule and a bad rule?

States and Capitals - Interactive Sites

Time for Kids