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Who Wants to be a Mathionaire - Addition Quiz


Math Match Game

Test your memory AND your math skills all in one game!

Speed Math

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Welcome to SpeedMath - Addition and Subtraction!


Spacey Math

Space game to practice math facts.


Math Facts!

This is a page for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, while having fun!



Hempsted House



Connecticut Landmarks  -

Hempsted Houses -

National Register of Historic Districts

The New London Gazette - Colonial New London



Tour the Mayflower

Follow the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving Webquest

Plimouth Plantation

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Use these links to complete the Christmas Traditions webquest worksheet

In the United States, we refer to the man in a red and white suit as Santa Claus. We offer the greeting, "Merry Christmas!" In other countries different terms are used. Your mission is to find out how others say "Merry Christmas" and how they refer to Santa Claus.

The Task:

You will visit websites to find out the answers to the "Holiday Fun" worksheet. After the sheet is completed, you may do some fun holiday activities on the web.

The Process:

Use the Holiday Fun worksheet.

At the computer:

  • Go to and find Christmas traditions around the world. Click on each country to find more information.
  • Complete the Merry Christmas Words.
  • Go to Santa names to complete "Santa Claus" for each country.
  • Complete Names for Santa.
  • Go to Mrs. Claus's Kitchen to complete the "favorites" questions
  • Go to Christmas Countdown 2112 to find out how many more days until Christmas.

Go to Christmas Village after you have completed webquest for more games and activities.


Create Your Own Comic Strip

Practice your skills by creating a 1 - 3 panel strip.



Social Studies