Kindergarten News:

Friday, September 7, 2012


Kindergarten Thoughts:

What did you like best on the 1st day of school?

Addie Rae: reading books.               Andrew: reading books.

Charles: playing.                               Clara: coloring.

Hasini: painting our hand.                Jack: handprint painting.

Kyla: eating Scooby Doo snacks.      Morgan: playing with the small Legos.

Raiyan: playing with the cars.           Taylor: not taking a nap!

          Dear Families:

We had a successful first week of Kindergarten!  Every student worked hard learning many new curriculums, classroom rules and meeting new friends.  This is going to be a great school year!  Here is a little information on things that we covered throughout the week. 

                                                Enjoy, Ms. Lenz

Phonics & Writing: Students learned the poems Mary Had a Little Lamb and Jack & Jill.  We learned how to tap to each word we hear, repetition and looking at pictures to help tell the story.  For writing we learned how to write our names using a pencil and journaling in notebooks.


Reading: Throughout the week the students worked in small groups and practiced different reading skills (ex. matching pictures to words).  We also read the story: Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar.  The students enjoyed reading/playing with this story.

Math: I introduced Chapter 0 to the students (yes, there is a chapter 0!!).  We worked on positional words with objects in our classroom.  The students also practiced listening to directions when working on their workbook pages.  Positional Words: inside/outside, beside/between/above/below, over/under and top/middle/bottom.


  • Yoga-students learned how to use their mats and follow directions.
  • Art-Our art for the week was the adorable handprint poem.  I hope all families enjoyed that kindergarten memory! 
  • Spanish-Introductions and Greetings.  We learned how to say hello-hola, goodbye-adios, my name is-me llamo, friend-amigo, how are you?-como estas?, happy-bien & sad-mal.

Science: The students learned about their 5 senses.

Social Studies: I introduced Families to the students.  We talked about the differences between our own families and the importance that our families have.

Health: Are You Healthy?  The students will be talking a look at what are the things that we need to do to stay healthy!