Ms. Morency's Classroom


This year we will be focusing on the reading and writing skills necessary to prepare you for high school and college. It is our goal to improve our FSA score by at least one point per area in the Reading and Writing section. 

At part of the effort, students will be require to complete at least 4 Achieve 3000 articles per moth across all of their classes and at least 4 articles in my class. We will also be participating in a 25 book challenge.

Reading requires stamina and patience, two skills that can only be developed through practice. I encourage you to read daily during your free time.

Guidelines and Expectations

All Students are expected to adhere at all times to the code of conduct set forth by Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) and Landmark Middle School administration.

Accountable Talk

In ELA we develop the skills that make us better communicators. In order to be successful we must learn to give and receive constructive criticism. That means that we have to trust one another to share feedback intended to help us be more successful. Therefore, we cannot be insulting to one another in this classroom. We will practice accountable talk at all times in ELA, and hopefully you will apply this skill to your other classes as well. 


Since fostering a safe environment is important to successful learning, I can not tolerate behavior that prevents other students from speaking out during class. I will always call home in instances of disrespect that I believe hinder the academic performance of your classmates. 


Students will have regular access to laptops, which are monitored by DCPS and myself. Students should adhere to the DCPS technology guidelines, and exercise their best judgment at all times when accessing the internet. Just because a site isn't blocked, doesn't mean is is appropriate. Students who are careless with this privilege will have it revoked and will complete their achieve articles and other classwork on a paper print out. They will then enter their answers into achieve before or after school by appointment under my close supervision. 

Any student intentionally abusing or misusing the technology will have the privilege revoked. In extreme cases, technology privileges may be revoked with no warning. 

Late Work

Students are expected to turn their classwork by the due date. All work submitted after the due date will receive a maximum of 70% credit (minus errors and corrections.) Late work submitted after progress reports for work due prior, will receive no credit. I do not accept late work the week that report cards are due or 2 days prior to submitting progress reports. 


Students have two class periods to submit work missed during their absence, after which all late work policies apply. 


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