Ielts Speaking Course

Some Common Fears for IELTS Exam



You are planning to take IELTS listening course or IELTS exam and already have enrolled in some reputed coaching institute so that you are able to clear the exam successfully. Even after doing all the efforts there are certain fears in your heart. Let’s try to know what these fears which most of the candidates experience are.

No one of us likes to take exams as most of us tend to get confused or uncomfortable. IELTS online course is not exception to this; the exam makes the candidate panic and thus is not able to think clearly.

Fear for Listening Module: Most of the candidates enrolled in IELTS reading course will confess it that they fear that they will something in their listening module and thus won’t be able to answer.

The only mantra to this problem is Practice. So, keep on practicing and it will boost your confidence. Gradually you will learn recovering methods in a case you missed one or two questions.

Fear of Having Insufficient Time: A good number of candidates fear of not being able to finish their reading and writing sections in time. Here you need to manage your time by contributing time to different paragraphs as you cannot afford to give the entire time to one passage only.

Here you must follow the method of dividing your time and thus completing on time. It must be done right in the beginning of the exam by mentioning the contributed time to each passage. Do follow that under all circumstances; otherwise it is of no use, no matter even if there are questions still to be answered.

What to Write: A good number of candidates are afraid of getting some topic which perhaps they have not even heard of; then how to write? The easiest way to overcome this fear is to read as many essays or articles as you can on varied topics to get ideas. In IELTS speaking course, the examiners do not have anything with the source instead they want to check your writing pattern and how well you are able to express ideas/opinions in the language.

What if I Said Wrong: This fear is related to inappropriate ideas. Candidates fear that they may end up something that seems improper. But there is nothing to fear as you need to express your ideas in a logical manner and if you are capable of doing so, nothing is wrong. If you are facing any type of problem you can easily consult with international study consultants.

Afraid of Speaking in front of examiner: Most candidates have phobia of speaking in front of examiner. A candidate might feel uncomfortable as they need to think and answer as well on the spot, so they do not have much time to think and no time at all.

In the last, do not get scared of recording, here the objective is to examine the examiner but not you. So, overcome these irrational fears and achieve success.