Top 10 WordPress Trends That Are Ruling the Web In 2018

WordPress keeps on adding new concepts every day. People are also going on to opting the latest features in order to make their website best in all aspects. WordPress is emerging as one of the best platforms for creating elegant websites for all business type. Themes and plugins are made available by WordPress. One can design their website on their own with the use of the best WordPress themes. So, here we are going to discuss some of the latest trends which are ruling the web nowadays. 

1.    Parallax:
It gives a 3D illusion to your website. It is one of the latest topics in the WordPress development. Allows background to move at a slow rate as compared to the foreground. Due to the 3D illusion effect, the appearance of your website will be just visually eye-catching and captivating. As a result, it leads to inflate traffic rate of your website. 

2.    Mobile-first approach:
Nowadays, the ratio of people who are using the mobile for browsing the mobile keeps on increasing. So, it becomes a necessity to design any website to be responsive. In earlier days, designers design two version of the same website one for desktops and another for mobiles. Also, Google also considers this while website rankings.  

3.    SAAS(Software As A Service):
It is successfully implemented by various plugins and themes and it is no more a new concept. With the use of SAAS plugins, WordPress professionals allow a secure and reliable gateway. OptinMonster plugin can also be used conveniently with SAAS. 

4.    WordPress And E-Commerce:
WordPress has its roots as a blogging platform. When it was launched till now it has many features added. Not only features a lot of themes and plugins are also added. Now, with WordPress, you can also develop elegant e-commerce websites. These days WooCoommerce plugins are ruling the web.

5.    Typography:
It is necessary to represent your website in a visually appealing format. So, here comes typography in the scenario. Using various typography styles you can make your website presentation in an alluring way. Now, H2 and H3 headings are so popular. Customized fonts and applications such as Google and Adobe can also be used to make your website more enticing.  

6.    Microinteractions:
Users can navigate easily through the interface with the use of these small bits of communication. Some of the functions performed by this are an identification of results from the specific actions and to communicate feedback. It can be called as a single way communication to indulge users within the design of a website. 
7.    Encryption and HTTPS:
With this, you can get good search results and can also safeguard your website. It gurantees that the data which will send between the website you are connected to and your browser will be encrypted.

8.    Video Headers: 
You can build an eye-soothing effect for your website visitors with the use of video headers. These are the decorative header images with motion. It will grasp attention of users immediately and users will tempt to take a deep look at your website. These headers can play automatic loops by default. 

9.    Images:
As you are also aware of the fact that there are many websites in the online marketplace. So, it is much arduous to select effective and appealing images to design your website. It is a saying that pictures speak louder than thousands words. So, it is obligatory to select a picture which is graphically alluring.

10.    VR Optimized theme: 
You can make your website more enthralling with the use of VR images in your website. There is also a provision to switch between regular and PR mode in the Smartphone devices.

It is necessary that your website will be impeccable in all aspects. Only then you can rule over the internet with your elegant website. With the use of best WordPress themes you can design elegant websites.