Welcome to Mrs. Z's first Spring 2012 intern's website!

I will be interning in your child’s class through the end of February.  As part of my educational program at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, I am required to complete a full semester of internship in the Pinellas County School System.  I will be assisting and instructing your child and their peers throughout the next weeks.

            This is my third, and final, internship I will be doing in the College of Education.  I am excited about being able to complete my final internship at Skyview Elementary School.  I am looking forward to teaching and working with your child.  I will be learning exciting and effective teaching techniques from Mrs. Z. that will benefit your child’s education and all children I will teach in the future.  I will strive to teach interesting and motivating lessons that will enable your child to be creative and learn in new ways.  I am very excited for this semester and all of the fun and challenging events it will bring to me.  I believe this internship will be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.