Behavior Management

At Meadowbrook Elementary, we expect all of our students to abide by the school rules.

School Rules: 

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.  
Do your best work.
Be polite in words and actions.
Listen and follow directions.
Walk quietly at school. 


Bee Punch Cards:

Each child has a “bee” card.  When I see the children making good choices, being kind to others, following directions, using teamwork, and abiding by the school rules, I punch a hole on one of the 20 bees on their card.  The children earn rewards when they receive all 20 punches for the card.


Warm and Fuzzy Jar:

When the entire class receives a compliment, or when the entire class is following directions, I will place a “Warm Fuzzy” in a jar.  When the jar is full, the entire class earns a reward.


Color Chart:

I have a clip chart to encourage my students to be role models.

  • Every day, every child starts on GREEN.
  • Each student has the opportunity to earn rewards by making good choices.  This causes his/her clip to move UP the chart.
  • If a student does not follow our classroom and school rules, he/she will move his/her clip DOWN the chart.

The order of the cards is:









Model Manatee:

Each week, one child from each first grade classroom receives the “Model Manatee” award.  This child is recognized during a weekly assembly.