SMM Robotics, CREATE

Upcoming Competitions

SMM Tournament, Dec 1, 7:15 AM

SMM Tournament, Jan. 12, 7:15 AM

Dundee, January 26, for 5 teams (Mechanical Spartans, Hamburger Exploding Whales, Technical Difficutlies, Mechanical Penguins, & Cody's Crackers)  Dundee doors open at 8:15 and Kevin will be the coach there.   Adams Elementary(UKFF & No Name), Doors open at TBA and Dr. Matthews will be the coach for that tournament.

Davis, Mechanical Penguins, Cody's Crackers, No Name, and Technical Difficulties) February 2, 2019Doors open at Davis at 8:00 AM. (Double Check with Kevin)

Feb. 9th, All teams go to Omaha North.  Doors open at 9:00 AM.  This will be a long tournament please do not make plans before 4:00.  The tournament may last until then.

Feb. 16th Harrison; All teams except Mechanical Spartans.  Doors open at 8:30 AM

Feb. 23rd  Spring Lake; All are except UKFFcompete at this event.  Doors open at 8:15 AM

Open will be April 3rd and 4th.  The teams we have confirmed competing at nationals are Mechanical Spartans and UKFF.  If you are in 6th grade and not competing at Nationals you will attend the Thursday's competition and all 4th and 5th graders will attend the Wednesday's competition.  We will keep the team updated on who has made it in.  If you are in 6th grade and you are competing in Nationals you will miss both days of school.


Feel free to go to and find information about events going on in Nebraska and nationally. 

CREATE needs volunteers for the Open if you are interested go to to volunteer.  Thanks,

Monday Create Crew meets in the Art room form 3:30-5:00.  On weeks when there is no school on Monday please come Tuesday to build.  MOnday's crew are Ava, Gus, Claire, Blase, Nathaniel, Leo, JoJoe, Emiyah, Sean and Andrew.


Tuesday Create Crew meets from 3:30-5:00 in the Art Room.  They are Lauren, Zane, Sasha, Karis, Jack, Luke, Michael, Eden, Kate, Joe, Patrick, Beckett, MArk, Noah and Jack.