Atomic Structure & The Periodic Table

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Models of the atom through history

In Chemistry, we use models to visualize and understand what we cannot see. This unit will build on your understanding of the structure of the atom and expand your use of the Periodic Table, one of the most useful items in a Chemists collection of tools.


11 Chem Unit 1 Key Words.docx11 Chem Unit 1 Key Words.docx


Electron Arrangement.pptxElectron Arrangement.pptx

Electron configuration.pptElectron configuration.pp

Periodic Trends.pptxPeriodic Trends.pptx

Periodic Trends of Oxides.pptxPeriodic Trends of Oxides.pptx

Periodicity (AHL) (NEW).pptxPeriodicity (AHL) (NEW).pptx

ionisation energies.pptionisation energies.ppt



Introductory online simulation activites:
1.  Go to __www.explorelearning.com__ and do the "Element Builder" activity following the activities under "Lesson Materials". You will need to see your teacher first to sign up to Explore Learning.

2.   _How to make a model of an atom__

3.  Electron configuration interactive to be used with this -->  7 The Electron Configuration of the first 30 Elements Blank.doc7 The Electron Configuration of the first 30 Elements Blank.doc

4.  Periodic Trends Interactive (with quizzes) - Periodicity presentation

5.  IE Activity: Using your lecture notes and readings, try this challenging activity around ionization energies -->