Mrs. Slimskey's Pre-K

                   Welcome to Mrs. Slimskey's Pre-Kindergarten

St. Peter's Regional School, Liberty, New York


Families are the child’s first and most important teachers. Without your support, my efforts are futile.

We are a team working toward the same goal.


About my classroom

Children learn best in a child-centered classroom, in which every experience they encounter is directly related to something real and meaningful. Children’s interests must be at the forefront, guiding the curriculum and leading to integrated, inquiry-centered projects. The Common Core Standards and children’s needs are addressed by being woven into the curriculum through authentic assessment and intentional planning.

It is my intent:

♦ To provide a physical environment that is safe, clean, healthy and oriented to children.

♦ To nurture each child's unique qualities and potential.

♦ To create an environment that encourages growth, comfort, and diversity.

♦ To respect the children and their ideas.

♦ To stimulate children’s minds with developmentally appropriate and meaningful experiences.



In this section I will provide information important to your child's school day, as well as what our current learning explorations are.

For digital copies of letters sent home from me, please refer to the second page on this website labeled letters.


Suggested Websites

While I do not advocate that children at this age spend a lot of time with digital media, I am happy to suggest websites for you and/or your child to explore.

This section will be added to as the year progresses, but for now:

Dates to Remember

September 5, 2012   First Day of School

September 17, 2012  No School/Teacher Conference Day

September 26, 2012  No School/Teacher Conference Day




This is an Earth-friendly classroom.

We hope that you will encourage this practice with your child  by sending snacks and drinks in reusable containers.