Welcome to Mrs. Slimskey’s Pre-K Class

August 8, 2012

I am so happy that you are going to be in our class at St. Peter’s School this year. I hope you are getting excited because we are going to have a lot of fun! Maybe you are getting a little bit nervous too. I know I am. Sometimes I get worried about not being with my family all day. Then I think to myself that I am going to have fun at school and I will get to see my family when school is finished for the day. That makes me feel better. I always bring pictures of my family to school with me so I can look at them during the day. You can do that if you want. I’ll make a special place to put all of our pictures of our families!

These are some things you need to know :

  • We go outside every day, so if it might rain, make sure you have a raincoat. Please don’t bring an umbrella because sometimes umbrellas are not safe when a lot of friends are around.
  • You will need to bring one healthy snack and a drink for the morning. You  also need a lunch. I hope you can bring your food in containers and use a thermos for your drinks. Juice boxes and plastic throwaways make too much garbage for the earth!
  • Please bring a LARGE box of tissues and a LARGE box of wipes to share with the class.
  • You need to have a back pack…that’s so exciting! Please make sure it has lots of room for your stuff. You need to have a complete change of clothes, which you will keep in your back pack.
  • We have a quiet rest time every day. I have mats for you to rest on while I tell you wonderful stories and you listen to music.
  • Don’t forget, if you want to bring a picture of your family, bring that too!
  • You need to bring your imagination to school! That is very important, so if you are not sure what that is please ask your family. I really need you to bring imagination!
  • Please wear safe shoes with your uniform, because we do a lot of running around. I wear sneakers a lot, but never sandals. My toes might get hurt!

I am sending you a name tag to wear on the first day of school so everyone will know your    name! Oh yes, please make sure your name is on your lunch box, your bookbag, and even your clothes!

Okay, I’ll see you soon!

Mrs. Slimskey