Music Websites

Here is a list of websites to study music from home! smiley

**NOTE: Students have music ONE DAY A WEEK for 45 minutes.  Try to have students complete music work and activities on the day that they would usually have music. This will ensure that they do not run out of material too quickly! : Students can practice rhythm reading exercise from this website. Students normally spend about 5-10 minutes with this activity during class. They may practice as long as they like.

**After so many attempts, it will ask you to purchase the subscription. DON'T! Go into your browser settings and erase "cookies", then refresh the page. This will allow you keep using the website without purchasing the subscription. : This website offers free rhythm reading exercises, music lessons and digital piano lessons! The most basic lessons will allow you to learn along with you child if you so choose. : NEW! This resource is new, and is really fun! The Rhythm Trainer is a free-flash based program for learning and practicing rhythm. There are two types of exercises: an 'A' Mode, where you click on the rhythm you hear, and a 'B' Mode, where you see a rhythm and choose the sound that matches. : This website includes sections on famous artists, composers, musicians and tools for learning music and CREATING music!  : This section of PBS Kids features a collection of fun games to help kids learn about music! : The students currently use this website during music class to read the notes on the lines and spaces of the music staff.