Backpack and Supply Checklist

***Use this checklist to have your child pack his or her OWN backpack***
Backpack Checklist

Parent Information Folder (PIF)
Completed homework for each subject area in PIF
Bible journal
Math notes spiral
Grammar student workbook
Latin student workbook 
Math test and worksheets manual
Current Literature book and an extra book to read (preferably on their “independent” reading level)
Supply box with required things in it     
Water bottle  (sport cap, no larger than 16 oz., name on it)
Lunch with snack and drink  (keep it healthy—please save sugary snacks, desserts, and soft drinks for home)

Supply Box checklist

Box of crayons
Expo dry eraser (name on it)
12 sharpened map colors
3-4 sharpened regular pencils
pencil sharpener
2 red checking pens
1 yellow highlighter
1 pink Pearl eraser          
2 low-odor dry erase markers: red, green, blue, or black  

Supplies to be kept at school

Box of Thick washable markers
Box Thin washable markers
2 glue sticks
1 pair scissors
1 ruler  
package of notebook paper
index cards
paper towels  
two folders labeled “Classroom” and “Writing”