Student and Teacher Responsibilities

The school teacher
introduces and teaches new lessons
develops yearly, monthly, and daily plans for each subject
assigns homework and projects
administers and grades tests
monitors individual and class progress
communicates all classroom expectations to students and parents
The home teacher
reviews lessons and tutors when necessary
reads the Veritas history cards and Story of the World to student
daily drills student with subject appropriate flashcards
monitors and grades homework, and occasional tests
checks homework papers each day to ensure all work is completed and corrected
ensures that student makes any necessary corrections to the homework

Both teachers are responsible for
providing a neat and well organized learning environment
eliminating distractions during class (for student and teacher)
providing clear rules, procedures, and expectations for class
providing regular, constructive feedback to student 
teaching the Biblical standards of behavior
working together as PARTNERS in child’s education
utilizing the “teachable” moment in academics and character building
setting the standard for academic excellence (positive, encouraging, corrective when necessary)
keeping open communication between home and school teachers---communicating concerns in a timely manner
Student is responsible for
respecting the position of authority of school and home teachers—that means obeying those in authority (follow directions the first time)
attending to all lessons---not distracting self or others
consistently putting forth his/her best effort---regardless of the assignment
completing all assignments neatly
preparing for class by packing backpack and having necessary books and supplies
acting in a kind and considerate manner towards others