Who Grades Homework?

Who grades the homework?
You do!  Parents are to grade all homework before it comes back to school.  This includes checking for complete sentences, capital letters, punctuation, spelling, neatness, etc.  The goal is to develop neat and orderly work habits in our students.
Any errors on homework should be handled in this order:
Identified by the parent.
Corrected by student.   (Math errors should be redone on the back of the homework sheet.)
Re-checked by parent
How are homework papers marked?
Papers that are
100 %
complete, corrected (if necessary), neat, and on time
90 %
complete, corrected (if necessary), but one day late
80 %
slightly incomplete
70 %
mostly incomplete, and/or more than one day late
0 %
not attempted or turned in
If your child leaves his/her work at home, I will mark a zero in TeacherEase.  If the work is completed and turned in the next school day, then the grade is changed to S.
*** EXCEPTION to parents correcting homework.  Expect neatness, but please do not correct any Journal entries for spelling, punctuation, or capital letters.  Journal entries are “unedited” work.  Unedited work is needed to reflect the skills the student has truly mastered and applies in daily work without external prompting from others.