Make-Up or Late Work

What do I do about homework when my child is absent?

If you can send your child's PIF to school with a sibling, do so.  I will take any completed homework and send home any tests or worksheets your child missed when he/she was absent.  That way he/she won't be behind and have loads of work to do.

If you cannot send the PIF to school, any work due the day of the absence, plus any work due on the day back, needs to come in the PIF on the day the child returns.  For example, if your child is sick on Day 1, that homework plus the homework for Day 2 comes in the PIF on Day 2 when the child returns. 

If the absence is caused by a family trip or vacation, any homework due needs to come to school before the trip.  If you request a lesson plan in advance, I will most likely be able to comply.  I'll need a couple of days notice, though.