Dress Code and Uniform Policy

Dress Code
Below is the dress code for CDA.  I do enforce this code and find myself saying, ad nauseum, "Tuck in your shirt!"  Also, the temperature can vary inside the classroom so you may want to purchase short sleeved shirts and send a sweater or fleece each school day.
Lands' End Mesh Polos- long or short sleeved with CORAM DEO ACADEMY logo. Students may wear feminine fit thru 6th grade only. (Colors listed in the Lands’ End Uniform catalog only.)
Lands’ End khaki colored Chino pants/shorts/skorts/A-line and pleated skirts. (No cord, plaid, cargo skirts or side pleat twill skirts. )
Lands’ End logo sweater, vest or Fleece jacket/vest items may be worn for warmth.  The CORAM DEO ACADEMY logo must appear on all of upper body uniform components. (Colors listed in the Lands’ End Uniform catalog only.)
Footwear: Lower School grades K-6 may wear Lands End Uniform Girls’ Solid Mary Jane’s in spice brown (23323-7BP2/23323-8BP7), boys may wear Lands End Uniform Kids’ All Weather Mocs in spice brown (32582-8BP1/32582-9BP6) or white athletic shoes and socks. Socks must be color coordinated with uniform components and not decorative in nature. No sandals allowed for safety reasons.
Clothing with belt loops must be worn with a brown, navy or black belt.
Where do I buy the uniform and how are they embroidered?

Call or go on line to request a School Uniform Catalog from Lands’ End. (1-800-469-2222) or landsend.com/school
Determine items you need to order. Use the 800 number to place your order or order online at the above web site. Lands’ End is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
When you order, utilize the CDA school number: 9000-5472-7 and the CDA Logo Reference number: 0047042K
All upper body uniform components (shirts/sweaters/Fleece) must be embroidered with the CDA logo. You must utilize the logo number listed above.

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