Text: The Child’s Story Bible  (Vos) - keep at home


Assignments each week:

  • Memorize scripture for word perfect recitation (graded E, S, or N)
  • Introduce 32 Biblical events and chart them on a timeline
  • Read the assigned Bible story
  • Write a journal entry about the Bible story (to share with the class)


Major Concepts:

Scripture memory--- verses are from the NJK or ESV

Old Testament Timeline---Elijah to Malachi  (870—433 B.C.)


Bible verses are listed on a gradesheet and can be downloaded from the 'Documents' page.  Recitations will usually occur on Day 2.


Bible timeline will be completed in class.


Weekly Bible journal entry: 

Student retells story for review.

Discuss with student what he wants to write.

Title of Bible story and date goes on top blue line.

Student writes sentences about the Bible story.  They may use a sentence prompt. (ex. “I learned that…”,   “I liked the part when…”,   “I noticed that …..”, “I thought it was interesting that…”, “In this story, God is teaching us…”) 

1st semester—only 3-4 sentences. 

2nd semester—minimum 5-7 sentences.


Expectations of home teacher (parent):

  • Pray with student
  • Read Bible story
  • Have child narrate the story
  • Discuss what God is teaching in this story.
  • Monitor completion of weekly Journal entry.
  • Help student memorize Bible verse -- practice reciting clearly and slowly. (Make sure your child understands what the verse is telling us. Memorize the verse in phrases.  Use hand movements, etc., if it helps your child.)


Expectations of school teacher:

  • Pray with students
  • Read  and discuss current story and the Bible truths being taught
  • Discuss and practice memory verse