Required texts:  
Veritas History Cards and tape:  Middle Ages,
Renaissance, and Reformation - keep at home
The Story of the World, vol. 2 - keep at home
Homework is 20% of the final grade. 
Tests are 60 % of the final grade.
Projects are 20% of final grade.
Major Concepts:
Understanding of Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation time periods
Memorization of 32 important dates and events during this time period
Tests will usually be given on Day 1.  Each test will cover the events, dates and facts.  Events and dates are comprehensive.  Facts covered will only come from the last card studied.
Expectations of home teacher (parent):
Paraphrase & discuss the Veritas history card; read chapter in The Story of the World
Review concepts and tutor when needed, drill your student on people, events, and facts
Grade homework—oversee student corrections of wrong answers
Check homework to verify that work is completed and has been corrected
Expectations of school teacher:
Introduce, discuss, & review dates and events in history
Administer and grade tests