Texts:  Bard of Avon
           The Door in the Wall
           Fine Print: A Story about Johann Gutenburg
           From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.
           Leif the Lucky
           Leonardo da Vinci
           Man in the Iron Mask
           Minstrel in the Tower
           Random House Book of Fairy Tales
           The Whipping Boy
Homework (E, S, or N) is 20% of final grade
Tests, quizzes, essays, and projects (Numerical grade) are  80% of final grade
Major Concepts:
Improve reading comprehension
Fluency in oral reading
Story elements
Expectations of home teacher (parent):
Listen to student read orally daily
Check for comprehension by asking questions about the passages
Grade homework—oversee student corrections of wrong answers
Check homework to verify that work is completed and has been corrected
Expectations of school teacher:
Assign reading assignments and discuss them
Provide opportunities to demonstrate understanding of literature
Grade and record literature guides, homework, and projects