Text:  Shurley English Made Easy
           Teacher created materials
There are three basic types of writing that we will be introducing and practicing in 3rd grade:  journaling, Shurley writing assignments, and the progymnasmata.
Journaling:  This type of writing will be a part of the Bible curriculum for the year.  This type of writing is important for the student because it shows the teacher/parent what the child has actually learned and IS APPLYING to his/her writing.  Journaling is not to be edited by the teacher/parent and allows the child certain freedoms in form and mechanics.
Shurley compositions and the progymnasmata:  We will spend time in class each day learning how to correctly compose several types of writing.  Some assignments will be guided by the classroom teacher and some will be done independently.  At the end of each type of writing taught, the student will complete a final version at home for submission and evaluation, approximately every four weeks.  These assignments will be kept in a writing folder in class.  Not every assignment will be submitted for evaluation.  My hope is that the student has much practice with each type of writing before having to submit a composition for evaluation.  All evaluation rubrics will go home with the assignment to guide the home teacher in the final copy preparation.
Expectations of home teacher (parent):
Edit rough copy for mechanical, usage and spelling mistakes
Guide your child in the given format for the final copy
Expectations of school teacher:
Introduce and teach pre-writing and writing skills
Encourage use of varied sentence structure and vocabulary
Grade and record the final copy
Publish works of excellence for a wider audience