Text: Zaner-Bloser Handwriting 3 - keep at home
Assignments (E, S or N) are 100% of final grade 
Assignments may include copy work from poetry and literature.  Sometimes a handwriting grade will be taken from homework assignments or formal compositions. Cursive is not required on ALL assignments until the 4th quarter.
Major Skills:
Mastery of printing: focus on correct letter formation, spacing, and legibility
Introduce cursive: correct letter formation—this requires extensive repetition of individual letters and connecting letters.
Expectations of home teacher (parent):
Monitor handwriting practice and tutor when needed
Provide extra printing practice if student is weak in printing or cursive---i.e.,  work is not legible, or letter formation is incorrect, or letter spacing is too close or too spread out, or letter sizes are inconsistent.
Check homework to verify that work is completed and has been corrected
Expectations of school teacher:
Provide feedback to student and parent about student’s printing status.
Give suggestions for improvement
Review cursive letter formation
Record grades

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