Text:  Shurley English Made Easy 3

         Teacher's manual - keep at home

         Student workbook - send to school in binder



  • Classwork/homework (E, S, or N) is 20% of final grade
  • Tests and quizzes (Numerical grade) is 80% of final grade


Major Concepts:

Identifying parts of speech in sentences (classifying sentences)

Identifying and creating pattern 1, 2, and 3 sentences

Vocabulary development (vocabulary, analogies, etc.)

Identifying sentence structure

Editing skills and learning writing mechanics

Pre-writing skills


Expectations of home teacher (parent):

  • Drill jingles and chants
  • Review references as needed or assigned
  • Review concepts and tutor when needed
  • Practice the Question/Answer flow with child orally
  • Grade homework—oversee student corrections of wrong answers
  • Check homework to verify that work is completed and has been corrected
  • Oversee and guide writing assignments
  • Teach any lessons missed due to absences
  • PLEASE neither jump ahead nor do the next lesson before it has been taught in class.  Feel free to provide extra practice on any of the previous lessons.


Expectations of school teacher:

  • Teach grammar lessons, practice concepts, and composition
  • Review jingles and chants
  • Administer and grade tests