Saxon Math 5/4 Homeschool Kit
math text - keep at home
solutions manual - keep at home
tests and worksheets manual - send to school in binder
Homework (E, S, or N) is 20% of final grade
Tests and quizzes (Numerical grade) are 80% of final grade
Major Concepts:
Review: addition and subtraction
Reducing fractions
Addition and subtraction of negative numbers
Metric and customary units of measure
Measurement (capacity and length)
Area and perimeter
Square roots, cube roots, cubes, and squares
Telling time
Reading temperature
Expectations of home teacher (parent):
Review concepts and tutor when necessary
Oversee homework completion
Grade homework—oversee student corrections of wrong answers (Students always make math corrections on the back of the homework sheet.)
Check homework to verify that work is completed and has been corrected
Drill students daily on math facts flashcards— (limit to 3-5 minutes per subject, but do it every day)
Teach any lessons missed due to absences
Expectations of school teacher:
Introduce and teach new math lessons
Review previously learned concepts
Administer and grade tests and quizzes