Required texts:   Teacher created materials
Participation (E,S, or N) is 100% of the final grade.
Major Concepts:
Introducing basic concepts in science
Becoming acquainted with eight major scientific events or persons from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation
Science will usually be taught on Day 2.  I will devote four weeks to each concept/person.  Week 1 we will learn facts/dates about the concept/person.  Week 2 and 3 we will perform an experiment or complete an activity that explores the concept or contribution made by the scientist.  Week 4 we will construct a timeline that lists basic facts that we have learned and how the concept/scientist has impacted history and the modern world.
We will also be sending home, every week or two weeks, a book about science.  Your child can read it, or you can read it together.  This is a way to expose your child to scientific knowledge and facts. 

This will not be graded.  However, I will have a reading log that I check at the end of each quarter and will reward, in some way, those who have read the most books.  Any book can go on the log as long as it pertains to some scientific topic.