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Novels - for independent, small group, and whole class reading.

Book Reports - students are responsible for completing one book report for each grading period.

First Semester we will work in the text book and focus mainly on developing literary terms, comprehension, and skill building. At the beginning of the semester the  students will be given a list of literary terms that we will be using throughout the year. These terms will be introduced and practiced throughout the first semester in stories in the text. There will be two - five terms  introduced or reviewed for each story. They will have a mid term exam at the end of the first semester. There are a variety of strategies that the students will use to develop the literary concepts which include literary terms, vocabulary development, independent and oral reading,graphic organizers,comprehension questions, writer's journal and review sheets. The students are encouraged to refer to their books when completing assignments.

Second semester - We will be reading novels throughout the second semester while using the literary terms and concepts that were taught the first semester. The students will do a variety of activities for each novel, both in small groups and independently.We will continue to develop literay skills to improve literary techniques and concepts, vocabulary, comprehension, strategic reading skills, and speed and accuracy.

Novels - the following list of novels may be read by the entire class, small groups, or whole class. This list is subject to change based on recommendations from teachers, students, parents, and availablilty of new books. We occasionaly will watch the movie following the book to examine the difference between the book and the movie.

Grade 6 "Among the Hidden" "Walk Two Moons" City of Ember" "The Christmas Box" "Maniac Magee" ""Pleasing the Ghost" "The Skin I'm In" "Money Hungry" "Summerland" "Holes"

Grade 7 -"A Long Way From Chicago" "Fever 1793" "Hoot" "Midnight Clear"  "Jerry Fink and the Meaning of Life" "The Summer opf My German Soldier" "Al Capone Does My Shirlts" "Lord Brocktree" "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry"

Grade 8 - "The Wanderer" "A Christmas Carol" "The Outsiders" "To Kill A Mockingbird" "Fahrenheit 451" "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas""Pictures of Hollis Wood"