Policies and Procedures

Option C - I will update grades in a timely manner and check for messages daily. Please try to check this site regularly.

Test and quizzes- Test are announced 3-5 days in advance, while quizzes may only be announced 1 day in advance

Assignments/Homework - Homework is a good review of what we learned during the day. All homework and due dates are  listed daily on the board. It is recommended that the students use the daily planner provided by the school.If necessary, the daily planner may need to be signed, at the request of the teacher, parent, or student. Students are encouraged to take all assignments home to be checked for accuracy. This also keeps parents aware of what students are learning and help them to gauge upcoming test. Class assigments that are not complete are most often assigned for homework. A test is usually 3-5 days ofter the last lesson in the chapter to allow time for classs review.All students have a homework buddy who is responsible for gathering work when theri buddy is absent or misses class for any reason. Missed/late/incomplete assignments will affect a students grade.

Projects - When any assignment is assigned as group project the students will be given adequate class time to work as a group. They may choose to divide the work so that they may work independently at home, but they are never required to meet as a group outside of school. If it is a group project they will be graded as a group. Students must see the teacher prior to turning in the assignment if anyone has not cooperated or done their share.

Absenteeism - Parents are required to call the school in the morning to report taht a student will not be attending school that day and to request homework. Students must provide a written excuse upon their return. A student is allowed as many days for make-up work as the number of days they were absent. ( Two days absent = two days from the time of their return to make up missed assignments) If a test or assignment was announced prior to them being absent that assignment is due upon their return.

Tardiness - Students should arrive by 7:50. Classes start at 8:05. Students that have excessive tardiness (more that 3 times/grading period) will make up the time during assemblies/special activities. Please keep in mind that when a student is tardy it disrupts the entire class and takes away valuable learning time from both the student that is tardy and their classmates that where at school on time and ready to work.

Grading Scale - The school grading scale is as follows:   A=100-93     B=92-85     C=84-75     D= 74-70     E=69 and below

Teaching Strategies - A variety of teaching methods are used to help meet the needs of all students. We read material as a class, discuss the topic or story, take notes, do section review questions, workbook pages, labs, projects.etc  Some assignments are completed as independent graded work while others are used to boost understanding of the topic. We alsways review for test, often using actual test questions. In Science the students are given the essay question prior to the test so they may better prepare. I nLiterature students are most often permitted to use the book as reference.

Extra Credit - If students keep up with their assignments and develop good studey skills they are not usually in need of extra credit. It is not a good idea to rely on extra credit!!! Realizing that sometimes they may only be a few points away from the next higher grade I do accept certain assignments for extra credit. It is not recommended that they wait until the end of the grading period to try to improve a grade. In Literature students may do book reports for extra credit. They can earn 2 points per completed book report. I will explain the format to be used in class. In Science students may do the "Discover Activities","Try This", or "Science at Home" activities found in each chapter. They can earn up to 2 bonus points for each activity and do 3 activities/chapter.